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Weekend workshop - from 10 am to 4 pm daily

Rowley is focussing on making his own work for now, so we are not taking any new additions to the waitlists for his workshops. Follow Quixotica's social media to be advised of any future workshops:

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If you already know how to mix your own glazes and understand the properties of the key components in glazes, then you are ready to venture into creating your own unique glaze formulas. This workshop builds on the knowledge gained in Rowley’s introductory "Glazing #1" workshop. It will suit experienced glaze mixers and kiln firers and would be particularly useful for ceramic educators.


This workshop will also cover the creation of clay bodies from raw materials, adding another dimension to your ceramic work. Additionally, Rowley will share his extensive knowledge of kiln management, including techniques on kiln loading, generating reduction and oxidation atmospheres, and timing the ramp, soak and cooling cycles in your kiln for best glazing outcomes.


The workshop is a great resource for any ceramic artist interested in learning more about the mechanics of glazing, kiln firing and clay making. Ideally, but not essentially, participants will have completed the Glazing #1 workshop, before taking this workshop.

FEEDBACK from students at Rowley's recent Glazing 2 workshops 

The time I spent in the beautiful setting at Quixotica far surpassed all my expectations.  It was a rare privilege to have someone of Rowley’s stature so generously share his wealth of knowledge and experience (not to mention his glaze formulas for goodness sake!) To have only four other participants was a treat indeed, enabling us to cover so much ground in just two days.  I gleaned invaluable information on clay sourcing and processing, glaze ingredients, glazing techniques and application, as well as firing schedules, techniques, tips and problem solving.

Rowley’s big picture approach starting with history, geology and clay formation, and his way of explaining glaze chemistry in such clear and simple terms, meant that we were able to drill down to the specifics and function of each glaze ingredient by the second day.  My head is brimming with excitement and all sorts of possibilities in a way that before would have left me confused and daunted.  And it was all delivered with such humour and enthusiasm.

 I am so very very grateful to you both. Thank you very very much.

Susie, Sydney, NSW - Glazing #2, Clay Making & Kiln Management - June 2021

The workshop was well organised and relaxed - we were all on the same page, the hospitality was wonderful, everything was wonderful! I loved seeing pieces in my hand that were examples of wood firing and multi layered glazing, so good, and since the workshop, I have glazed pieces with much more confidence. The workshop was very educational, but at the same time easy to understand.

Venessa, Northern NSW Glazing #2, Clay Making & Kiln Management - June 2021

I really want to say how much the workshop affected my practice and how much I enjoyed it. I was struck by the complexity and layering (and beauty) that Rowley achieves on his pots - and I’m now very mindful of trying to incorporate that in my own work. It’s really changed how I think about surfaces ... and allowing the clay to be part of the ‘landscape’ too. Thinking about the surface as a landscape and trying to achieve that depth of distance/ layers on a pot. It’s been really profound and has really improved my process! Thank you! 

It is a fabulous location and great to have such a small group who were all at a similar level. Good mix of ‘lectures’ and practical exercises, and ‘tours’ of the kilns...

Lou, Northern NSW Glazing #2, Clay Making & Kiln Management - June 2021

I really liked the small size and personalised nature of the workshop.  I liked being able to tell Rowley what I was interested in beforehand and have my questions and specific interests addressed directly and thoroughly.  I also really liked Rowley's focus on the big picture of all aspects of pottery, tying clay and glaze ingredients back to rocks and earth and relating those to the effect of fire in such a fundamental way.  I was really inspired by Rowley's way of glazing with multiple layers of glazes and the depth that gives his woodfired pots and I've just spent the day taking his lessons and applying them to my pots for woodfiring next week.  
I was also inspired to go ahead with my plan to get a gas kiln as he gave me confidence in understanding the overall process of reduction firing.   It was all educational and I loved Rowley's enthusiasm and generosity as a teacher.  All the information about clay recipes was really interesting and made me think I might play around with different clays and mixing them together more in future. 
I also loved being in Rowley's own studio and seeing how he has set up his space.  It's so great to know how other potters lay out their studios and what is important to them and what is not.  I found it very helpful for thinking about what I need in my studio.  

Susie, Northern NSW Glazing #2, Clay Making & Kiln Management - June 2021

I came home feeling so inspired from the workshop. It was very kind of Rowley to share so much knowledge, and he made me think outside the box with glazing techniques. We are extremely lucky that a Master Potter is so enthusiastic with his students, and willing to answer all questions. I have always admired his works.

It's such a beautiful inspiring property at Quixotica, it's any artists dream studio.

It was a pleasure to meet other potters that all share a common interest.

The catering was excellent, with tea and coffee anytime of the day, and a lovely verandah to enjoy your lunch off the Gallery, in the stunning gardens.

Paula, Sunshine Coast, Qld - Glazing #2, Clay Making & Kiln Management - October 2019

Rowley is entertaining as well as being a walking encyclopedia of ceramic knowledge, which he is only too happy to share, making the classes quite unique in this regard alone. His work itself is inspirational so it only follows that the workshops also inspire us to go away and explore. It's great meeting other potters and seeing the different styles, ideas and approaches to ceramics and overall, the company while at the workshops is very enjoyable.  The workshops are highly educational, as demonstrated through the group participation with the gas firing, re-glazing and re-firing and the glazing tests. Thanks for a great weekend.

Jenny, Brisbane, Qld - Glazing #2, Clay Making & Kiln Management - October 2019

Have just been thinking how grateful and enriched we feel coming home with a whole store of new experiences and inspiration, plus enough information to unravel and work on for months to come! Thank-you for the energy you poured into the two days.It was a very comfortable and beautiful environment to be part of.

Jacqui, New Zealand - Glazing #2, Clay Making & Kiln Management - October 2019

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that you provide for the participants. Opening the reduction kiln on the Sunday afternoon was absolutely amazing and just so inspirational. I think that every piece of information I was provided about the gas kiln, the demonstrations relating to the clay making and discussions about the various glazes were very educational. This workshop built on the information provided in the first workshop so beautifully. The facilities are great. It is a beautiful area to be learning in and the studio in itself is quite inspiring. There is nothing I would change really. It was a great workshop. 

Liz, Sunshine Coast, Qld - Glazing #2, Clay Making & Kiln Management - October 2019

As with the first glazing workshop, I have once again thoroughly enjoyed the #2 glazing workshop.  All aspects were interesting and as with learning anything new, it’s always a huge learning curve. Initially, I have to admit, I wasn’t particularly interested in learning to make & create your own clays, however, during the workshop I discovered the ability to alter a clay body to create a unique foundation really appealed, so much so that I went home and raided my mum’s mineral books to get a better understanding. I like the idea of making something unique and not necessarily using only the mainstream commercial clays. I really loved the discussion about atmosphere of the glazes and the firing schedule to get a better understanding of how the glaze melts and is affected by its various ingredients. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all workshops shared at Quixotica this year. I feel very honoured to have had the experience to learn from Rowley. Can’t wait to see what workshops eventuate next year and putting more making into action! Thank you so much for opening your studio as a learning space.

Heidi, Brisbane, Qld - Glazing #2, Clay Making & Kiln Management - October 2019


Refunds: We accept changes or cancellations up to 3 weeks before the commencement of your workshop. If you find you are unable to attend the workshop within three weeks of the workshop date, please endeavour to find someone else to take your position, as we do not provide refunds for unfilled positions. If we have a wait list for your workshop and are therefore able to fill your cancelled spot in this timeframe, we will refund your workshop payment to you, less an administrative fee of $50.
us regarding any changes to your booking -


Cancellations: We rarely cancel classes or workshops, but occasionally things come up beyond our control. If a workshop is cancelled, we will be in touch by phone or email, and discuss your options which include refund, credit or transfer to another date. 

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