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Weekend workshop  - from 10 am to 4 pm daily.

Rowley is focussing on making his own work for now, so we are not taking any new additions to the waitlists for his workshops. Follow Quixotica's social media to be advised of any future workshops:

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One of Rowley’s passions is the creation of items included in a Japanese tea ceremony – water jars, tea bowls (also known as ‘chawan’), tea pots and tea cups (‘yunomi’). Join us for this weekend workshop to learn how to make your own tea essentials. Rowley will show you the intricacies of throwing and assembling a tea pot, as well as techniques to enhance your skills in making other items for the making of tea.


Emphasis will be placed on improving wheel throwing and assembly  skills and other techniques to make beautiful wheel thrown pieces. The finishing of pots, including turning and in clay surface marking options will be covered, as well as the process of making and assembling all the components of tea pots.


Participants will also join a relaxed Quixotica-style morning tea ceremony, featuring hand made tea-ware, on the waterside deck of the gallery.


For this workshop, students should have some prior experience in wheel throwing. Workshop numbers are kept small (4 to 6 students) with access to your own wheel for individual practise and tutoring, so be quick to secure your spot. 

FEEDBACK from students at Rowley's recent Teaware workshops 

Thanks to you both for hosting a wonderful workshop this weekend. We had so much fun. I see teapots on the Christmas present list this year if I’m going to make a run of 6 to consolidate my learning!  

Linda - Northern NSW- Designing & Creating Tea Ware - Feb 2022


The small class size meant we all received tailored advice to help us learn, which means I am now more confident about centring and lots of other valuable tips to improve my potting. I came home re-energised and excited about my potting. Seeing an expert demonstrate how to throw and the gorgeous gallery too are all inspirational. I enjoyed your good selves, your kindness and friendliness over the weekend too!

Wendy - Sunshine Coast, Qld - Designing & Creating Tea Ware - May 2021

Because there were only 4 people in our workshop, it felt like everyone got one-on-one help and feedback. I also liked the way the wheel throwing table was set up so we could see what everyone else was doing and interact with each other, rather than have the wheels all in a row. The tea ceremony and the information Rowley shared about the Tea Masters was a really nice touch too.  I feel as though my wheel skills improved significantly over the weekend. I really enjoyed Rowley's laid back and positive approach.

Karmen - Brisbane, Qld – Designing and Creating Tea Ware – May 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend workshop in your beautiful, creative and inspiring space.  It was such a joy to spend the time talking pots, clay, glaze and hearing so many wonderful stories. Thank you also for the lovely welcome,  warm hospitality and generosity. I am really looking forward to finishing my tea pot (it got home safely and has already had a bit of a tidy up) and putting into practice so many of the techniques and design inspirations that were so freely shared.

Mike, Gold Coast, Qld - Designing and Creating Tea Ware - October 2020

Really enjoyed the teapots workshop and working with such a delightful, fun, relaxed group. A special thank you to Rowley for his extra help .....was feeling like I wasn't going to get it all together!  It was a very satisfying workshop, full of little insights into technique and approach - just what I have come to expect from Rowley. Feeling more confident now and will be making more on the weekend!

Jenny, Brisbane, Qld - Designing and Creating Tea Ware - October 2020


Refunds: We accept changes or cancellations up to 3 weeks before the commencement of your workshop. If you find you are unable to attend the workshop within three weeks of the workshop date, please endeavour to find someone else to take your position, as we do not provide refunds for unfilled positions. If we have a wait list for your workshop and are therefore able to fill your cancelled spot in this timeframe, we will refund your workshop payment to you, less an administrative fee of $50.
Email us regarding any changes to your booking -


Cancellations: We rarely cancel classes or workshops, but occasionally things come up beyond our control. If a workshop is cancelled, we will be in touch by phone or email, and discuss your options which include refund, credit or transfer to another date. 

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