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Weekend workshop - from 10 am to 4 pm daily

Rowley is planning to focus on making his own work in 2023, so for now we are not taking any new additions to the waitlists for his workshops. Follow Quixotica's social media to be advised when workshops are again open for bookings. 

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This weekend workshop is one of Rowley's most popular and helps to demystify the glaze making process. You will learn how to create your own unique glazes, to make individual and successful ceramic pieces. It will cover the history and techniques of this important process, and its application to your work. If you have been working with commercial glazes and are ready to create your own unique glazes & surfaces, this is the workshop for you

Rowley will describe how to produce your own glazes from key ingredients, sharing specific glaze recipes to complement your clay pieces. Learn about key components of glaze ingredients, how they interact with each other and how to modify existing glaze formulas or create your own glaze recipes so that you can create unique surfaces for your ceramic work.

You will participate in the weighing, mixing and testing of glazes across the weekend and will come away with the potential to create unique ceramic surfaces in your own studio. 

Food safe glazing and occupational health and safety issues are also covered.

Cost - $​325 per person, glaze ingredients included. Tea and coffee is provided. BYO lunch each day.

FEEDBACK from students at Rowley's recent Glazing workshops 

Thank you both! Honestly, I have never had such great teaching in ceramics. I got all of the info I wanted (and more!) and have come away inspired. Quixoitca has to be one of the most beautiful locations I've attended for a pottery course too. Thank you both again for your generosity!

Marnie, Brisbane Qld - Glazing 1 - June 2022

Jess and I loved the glazing workshop on the weekend, so much knowledge gained and now we're even more obsessed with glazing than before! We'd both love to be a part of the glazing 2 next time too please.  I hope you have a wonderful week, and thanks again for letting Oakey (my puppy) tag along too.

Jacquie, Brisbane Qld - Glazing 1 - February 2022

Just wanted to thank you both for an amazing weekend. I learnt heaps but also realise how much I don’t know. I’m looking forward to trying out everything when my new kiln arrives and then I can think about doing the next workshop!

Lesleyanne, Sunshine Coast, Qld - Glazing 1 - February 2022

It was indeed a great workshop and I feel that it was good value for the money I spent. Not only did I learn a lot, but I had fun as well 😊

Franci, Brisbane, Qld - Glazing 1 - February 2022

Thanks to you both for a wonderful weekend of brain stimulation! 

Can’t wait to return from the uk to get back into my pottery. 

Look forward to catching up at the next workshop.

Sharon, Brisbane, Qld - Glazing 1 - February 2022

Big thanks for the workshop. I enjoyed it thoroughly & and it really helped solidify some concepts for me. I’ve noticed I’m already looking at glaze recipes & thinking what is the Primary Flux, Secondary Flux etc 

Lee, Sunshine Coast, Qld - Glazing 1 - February 2022

Please pass on to Rowley how much I enjoyed the glaze weekend. I really appreciate how much preparation he (and you) did to make the workshop a hit. See you again sometime

Linley, Sunshine Coast, Qld - Glazing 1 - September 2021

Such an incredible weekend learning all about the art (and science) of Glaze Making. My head is full and my heart is inspired. Thank you so much for putting this together, Rowley and Sarah

Phoebe, Brisbane, Qld - Glazing 1 – November 2020

Thank you so much, I had a wonderful time at the glazing workshop last weekend. It was such a lovely learning experience and I look forward to visiting again in the new year!

Claudia, Brisbane, Qld - Glazing 1 – November 2020

Just a note to thank you for the glaze workshop last weekend.  I've been working with pottery for 6 or 7 years now but I never really understood the overall context of how glazes work and are composed. Rowley gave us a clear explanation of those general principles and provided both a theoretical  background as well as the practical experience of testing a number of different glazes and also of making our own glazes.  Sarah was a wonderful hostess and administrator making everything run smoothly. It was really a valuable experience. 

Carl, Sunshine Coast, Qld - Glazing 1 – September 2020

I had an absolutely amazing time learning about glazing at Quixotica from Rowley over the weekend. Glazing is something that I was afraid of because I really sucked at chemistry in school and can’t follow a recipe to save my life these days! I found it so informative, practical and confidence boosting, and I’m hoping to start learning more and putting into practice the things I learned as I go along in my ceramics journey. Thank you so much for the workshop! I learned so much and feel a lot more confident with glazing 😁

Jelena, Brisbane, Qld - Glazing & Surface Making – July 2019 

It was such a wonderful workshop and a lovely group of creative women to learn more about this amazing field! I absolutely enjoyed the workshop and the process of sharing knowledge. It was put simply and not overwhelming. Backed up with the workshop book, it was perfect to look back over and reinforce the information shared.  Not to mention the tranquil environment of the art space/studio allowed us to really focus in on the learning. Rowley’s enthusiasm to share experience and knowledge, with careful guidance to achieve a personal outcome was much appreciated. It was the most educational, informative workshop by far! Theory backed up with hands on experience in glaze making, application and sharing in the importance of the firing schedule - often what is overlooked and not clearly understood. It has been an absolute highlight to experience the first of many inspirational workshops at Quixotica. So very fortunate to have a gem on the Sunshine Coast! Thank you for your time and patience.

Heidi, Sunshine Coast, Qld - Glazing & Surface Making – March 2019


I loved the workshop and it gave me exactly what I was needing. My confidence in my ceramic knowledge and my own artistic ability has increased enormously. So as a beginner when it came to ceramics I’m now feeling so knowledgeable and inspired. 

Barbara, Brisbane, Qld - Glazing & Surface Making – March 2019


The content was exactly what I was after - comprehensive, presented in a an easy to understand way but not dumbed down either. Rowley is an engaging and respectful teacher.  I came away feeling educated & inspired - I spent Sunday night trawling through my ceramics collection & seeing the surface treatments in a whole new light.  

Gai, Sunshine Coast, Qld - Glazing & Surface Making – March 2019

I loved the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere of Quixotica and holding the workshop there was perfect. Rowley is such an engaging, brilliant teacher and so generous in sharing his knowledge with us. The enthusiasm of his teaching is so infectious and that’s what inspired me the most. Being allowed to create our own personalised glaze, allowed us to express our own individuality and encouraged us to find and create our own inspiration.  I am a complete beginner when it comes to mixing my own glazes and learnt so much over the 2 days. I gained enough knowledge to read glaze recipes and tweak them according to what results I’d like to achieve. The course was the right amount of theory and practical, and appropriately informative for the group seeing as we were mostly beginners. 

Susannah, Brisbane, Qld – Glazing & Surface Making – October 2018


The depth of knowledge that Rowley has was very impressive and how open he was with sharing his own glaze recipes was wonderful.  It allowed me to see the different results you can get with different glazes and techniques and that even though I am an amateur, beautiful finishes can be achieved. 
Brad, Sunshine Coast, Qld – Glazing & Surface Making – October 2018


The content was great and the day well paced. Rowley is a very entertaining, generous and energetic presenter. The whole presentation was very helpful - it explained the whole glazing process in a very clear and simple way. I don’t think I would be able to have grasped this information through a text book.

Annabel, Sydney, NSW – Glazing & Surface Making – October 2018

The workshop gave me everything I needed regards glaze making, or at least a solid platform to build on. Rowley is an excellent communicator of course, after so much experience, and a great personality to spend time with. There was never a moment when I felt anything but energized. It was wonderful to have the whole process demystified.  I enjoyed everything about the work shop, but especially the lively open communication between Rowley and the group, which led to the greater understanding that I have.

Geoff, Moreton Bay, Qld – Glazing & Surface Making – October 2018

Such a fantastic weekend learning about glazing from Rowley Drysdale at his incredible studio @quixoticaartspace. The workshop went beyond the usual glaze application techniques and really delved into the science of glazes and how to read and understand a glaze recipe. It was a good mix of theory and hands on. This course has inspired me to move outside of my comfort zone and explore new techniques, and also to finally start to test and develop my own glazes. Going back to basics and learning how a glaze is formed and all of the various ingredients was valuable. It was also very helpful that Rowley was happy to spend time with each of us to help us develop a glaze that suited our own unique styles. 

Louise, Brisbane, Qld – Glazing & Surface Making – October 2018


Refunds: We accept changes or cancellations up to 3 weeks before the commencement of your workshop. If you find you are unable to attend the workshop within three weeks of the workshop date, please endeavour to find someone else to take your position, as we do not provide refunds for unfilled positions. If we have a wait list for your workshop and are therefore able to fill your cancelled spot in this timeframe, we will refund your workshop payment to you, less an administrative fee of $50.

Email us regarding any changes to your booking -


Cancellations: We rarely cancel classes or workshops, but occasionally things come up beyond our control. If a workshop is cancelled, we will be in touch by phone or email, and discuss your options which include refund, credit or transfer to another date. 

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